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Give it Away, Give it Away Now

March 9, 2015

My giveaway is up and running! It’s extremely exciting for me to see the merch you want, and to wonder who will win. Winners will be chosen at random, but I find myself hoping each time I see someone enter that he or she will win.

This whole thing has been such a learning process. When I first thought of how to advertise merchandise I thought, “Oh, a giveaway is a great idea!” It can get people excited, help get some publicity for my Facebook page, send an item into the world that reads “” and help with advertising that way, and, most importantly, get an item to a fan, as a thank-you for all the support you guys have shown me. That’s really what this is. Even if nothing else about this worked out, I’d still feel happy giving the prize to the winner. But then came the questions: “How many prizes? How do I pay for them? How will it help UNTOLD?” And the over-thinking began.

I’m happy to say that I pushed past that, though. A lot of being an entrepreneur, it seems, is pushing past the over-thinking part. Actions are a million more times more valuable than ideas, and that’s really what I need to remember.

Right now, I’m working on ways to spread the word about the giveaway. I’ve done the usual social media channels of course, and have had a wonderful response from a lot of you already. Does anyone have any ideas of how else I can get people interested? I’d be interested to hear how you’ve done your own giveaways, and various promotions.

Before I go, let me just clarify the rules to the contest. You can enter UP TO THREE TIMES: One for liking the post, one for sharing, and one for commenting. Sharing is, of course, the most valuable to me and the giveaway since it helps get the word out, but I’m getting fairly addicted to comments, and seeing who wants which item. Do all three and you triple your chances of winning 😉

Until next week!

— Amy

One of the prizes! Which will you choose?

One of the prizes! Which will you choose?

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