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Places to Write: Parker House Coffee

May 4, 2015

Parker House Coffee

As much as I love being at home (especially now that I have a new couch), nothing gets me inspired quite like packing up my laptop, finding a cafe, ordering a drink, then settling in for an hour or two of writing. I don’t know what it is; maybe it’s that I went somewhere specifically to work, maybe the tasty beverage triggers the rewards center in my brain, maybe it’s just the fact that I’m not three feet away from my TV. Whatever the reason, I’m always most productive when I’m out and about, and so I’m always looking for places to set up camp. So, I’ve decided to start a series in my blog letting all of you know where I’ve been writing, why I’ve been writing there, and why you should write there too.

Let’s start with Parker House Coffee.

Located in the Noone Falls building on Jaffrey Road in Peterborough, Parker House Coffee offers a beautiful location, delicious refreshments and, best of all, free Wi-Fi. My husband started buying Parker House Coffee beans last summer when he discovered them at a local farmer’s market, and has kept it up since. I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself, but I appreciated my husband’s excitement over the quality. When we heard that they’d be opening up a physical location, my first thought was: “I can write there!” and my second was, “Will there be anything besides coffee?”

The answer to that is yes.

In addition to a multitude of coffee drinks, Parker House Coffee also offers hot chocolate made with local milk and chocolate, pastries, salads, and sandwiches. I so far haven’t made it past the pastries (so many options, so much love), but I’m fully intending to try out everything on the menu. Lately I’ve just been chocolating it up with hot chocolate, and a chocolate chip cookie. What could be better?

The cafe looks out over a river and, once we’re certain this nice weather will hold, outdoor seating will be available. I’m highly looking forward to this, as there are few things better than working outside. I’ll post some pictures once that happens.

Parker House Coffee has become a regular meetup spot for a small writing group I’m in. We’re currently on hold due to scheduling conflicts, but for the weeks we did meet, we were highly productive (a surprising fact if you take into account the amount of talking we did). All-in-all I would rate this an A+ spot for meetups, working, and just hanging out and taking a break from your day. If you find yourself there, send me a pic and tell me how you liked it.

Where are your favorite places to write? Let me know, and I might feature it in my blog.

Until next time!

— Amy

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